Advance Placement Art

Advance Placement Art

Brenda CAI

My Sustained Investigation is mainly developed based on the question “what will theatre be like in the future”. In this set of artworks, I explored the answer from multiple aspects, including the form of performances, experiences of audiences, and commercial promotions. This year’s experience was truly new for me, that I have never made artworks in such an intense way. So at the beginning, I was bothered by not having sufficient ideas in a short time. After trying several methods to solve the problem, I eventually got a conclusion: whenever you feel like your mind is not working, just let it rest and be away from the troubles, then it will do better jobs, which might even go beyond your expectation. With the support of this principle, I made it through the year.

School I am attending next year: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Katherine CAI

For my investigation, my question is how social media affect the society contemporarily. I tried to look at both negative and positive parts of social media. I tried different materials, pencils, collage and digital media. This experience made me have a deeper understanding in arts and the whole process makes me have more understanding on how social media impact people’s life.

Material: color pencil on paper

Dimension: 21.0 x 29.7cm

Material: color pencil on paper

Dimension: 14 x14 cm

Material: Collage, brochure paper, card board

Dimension: 21.0 x 29.7cm

Blandon CHEN

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? Disappear from reality and become meaningless. “Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name thy kingdom nada thy will be nada in nada as it is in nada. Give us this nada our daily nada and nada us our nada as we nada our nadas and nada us not into nada but deliver us from nada; pues nada. Hail nothing full of nothing, nothing is with thee.”


College to go to: ACCD










Catherine CHEN

My theme is “Phobia”. What I do for the theme is about insect phobia and

combine this topic with school bully. The butterfly is indicate the bully, so many

of my piece can see the butterfly is very weird.

School: Maryland Institute College of Art.

Sustained investigate 05

Name: Chaos

Materials: Gouache

Dimensions: 11in x 16.5in

Sustained investigate 07

Name: Hide

Materials: Digital drawing

Dimensions: 20.6in x 14.8in

Sustained investigate 10

Name: Who am I?

Materials: digital drawing

Dimensions: 17in x 19.2in

Francis CHEN

In my sustain investigation project, the question that I am exploring in my artworks are what is the vintage fashion in my mind. For these artworks, they are representing the 80s, 60s, and 50s fashion. By showing the purpose of the artwork and communicate to the viewers clearly, I had done researched about the fashion during specific decades in order to apply some of the popular fashion elements from a specific decades to my artworks.

School I am attending next year: Parsons School of Design

Materials: Collage

Dimension: Height: 20 inch Width: 10 inch

Materials: Digital image and collage

Dimension: Height: 10 inch Width: 5 inch

Materials: White paper, magazine, black spray, acrylics, and colored pencils.

Dimension: Height: 10 inch Width: 5 inch


In my project, I discussed the meaning of solitude and how to visually express it. By exploring various perspectives of the outcomes, I can see that solitude is more of a choice than a force. To be in solitude gives us a chance to rethink and look at ourselves, away from socializing and other interruptions. 


Arts Center College of Design

#1 Ink pen/ markers/ white pen 27.7*30.7

#2 Ink pen/ markers  11*10

#3 Ink pen/ markers  10.3*28

Bonnie FU

Hi guys, I am Bonnie F and 1 am going to Calart next year.

Like the constellation in the dark sky, human brain is like a wüveme crate by evesy single though and imagine. While everyone should be semi, shine and biight. like how every single idea and imagination in yaw thought made the one and only you.

SI 3

Look Into Mirror

color markers, cellophane


SI 5

Portrait of Death

eater color, color markers


SI 9


wire, plastic ball, canvas


Carol GE

This set of art is to practice my skill on transferring emotions through images and colors. These are three different types of weird phobias, I want to describe what the world looks like in the eyes of who has those phobias. Using intense color and visual, I create an uncomfortable feeling in each art pieces, this experiment is interesting because I have the opportunity to challenge myself.

Titile: Cherophobia

Size: 28cm x 35cm

Materials: Digital

Title: Scopophobia

Size: 28cm x 28cm

Materials: Digital

Title: Trypophobia

Size: 28cm x 35cm

Materials: Digital


In this project I investigated how materialism impact people. My project starts from drawing the exhausting life of people in the city, and how people are suffering from peer pressure and losing themself when pursuing material and wealth. My reflection is that the ability to use material humanized us, but we could be objectified when material slave us.


University of Sydney



SI04: 20.574cmx15.494


Since I am sensitive for smelling, the theme of my sustainable investigation is smelling. I explored a lot to learn how to show my impression of different smelling, and the weaving artwork is my impression of my roommate’s favorite smelling which is mosquito repellent. For me, my favorite
smelling is my grandma’s smelling, and it is because grandma accompany with me when I was in childhood, but now she is growing old so About Time is to express my gratefulness for the time my grandma spend on raising me.

The school I plan to go: Fashion Institute of Technology

#1. Six God
Material: Old clothes, Chinese herbal,Wires,Cotton

#2.About Time I
Materials: Photoshop

#3.About Time II
Materials: Photoshop

Jolin JU

Those three artworks’ theme are redemption. The girl with fishes has fish personality——“timid and closed”. The ‘thinking’ is about a man who feels stressed because of the heavy strange pressure from others. The last one is only a poster using graphic design to show redemption.
I am going to CCA next year.

Fish girl is about 10*15cm
Material is pen

Graphic design is about 30*30cm
Material is markers

Jacky LI

In this year’s AP art course, I have gained a lot. Among them, my biggest achievement is to learn how to create artwork in an orderly and systematic way. Many times, people think that art comes from inspiration. However, inspiration also needs a gradual process to be recorded. It’s very important to have a plan to make a painting and spend enough time on it. Your pay is directly proportional to your income.

The first art work

Title:XiangYang Lake

Material:Propylene, oil paint

Dimensions: Length50cm×width40cm

The second art work


Material:Propylene, oil paint

Dimensions: Length40cm ×width50cm

The third art work


Material:Propylene, oil paint

Dimensions: Length40cm ×width40cm

Caspar LIU

Sustainable Investigation: 天灾人祸(natural and man-made disasters.)

Summary: I was inspired by the organized chaotic visual languages in the works of Jean-Michele Basquiat, and his unique ways of communications with the art history. He also usually take many literal references form the history by borrowing quotes, poems, lyrics and a lot of things to create a new sound, and say it in his own voice. So I decided to make a collage. The materials I am using are taking from various film and fashion magazines.

School: Emerson College, Paris College of Art




acrylic paints

ink pens

Polariod Photo




COVID- 19 prevention billboard

Red ink pen

Seven Deadly Sins:

30* 38

metal Coins


acrylic paints

melting wax 

ink pens

Maria MA

To me, nightmares have always been the problem yet the inspiration for years. Nightmares are not only about horrible scenes but also about all the negative emotion, immorality, guilt, and evil minds. I want to express the dream and, most importantly, the feeling of have nightmares.

New York University

#1 Choices

Material: chalks, makers

Dimensions: 42*59 cm

#2 Sinking

Material: gouache, color pencil

Dimensions: 35*35 cm

#3 Sleeplessness

Material: makers

Dimensions: 29*29 cm

Mark MAI

The theme of my sustained investigation is the relationship between crazy and order. At first, it is a surface image of my conception of these two words. Then they come to some long term and short term life stye of craziness. After that two identities had been found out and which led to the final question about the existence.
acrylic in canvas
2020. May
acrylic in canvas
2020, April
acrylic in canvas
2020, April

Milanda MAI



I investigated the question of how is butterfly terrifying in this project. My inspiration came from my complex feelings to butterflies. To me, they are beautiful yet dangerous creatures that drive my fear and affection. Like the idea that not everything is perfect, I believe they have hidden their ugly sides under their beautiful wings. 

This projects begins with a drawing of butterflies and human relationship on a mental state, the beginning of fear, and my story with butterflies. Then, the drawings move to physical contacts of different body parts and butterflies which is the next state, physical state. These drawings explore the different feelings of different body parts being touched. The final state is mentally and physically manipulated by fear, also the end of the journey, the maximal stress that fear creates. My reflection on this project is that when we are attracted to beautiful things but when we get too close, we might discover a completely different side. 



52.6 x 39.4

SI/2 Colored Pencils 21.0 x 29.7cm
SI/3 Digital 39.4 x 39.4 cm

John OU

In my sustained investigation, I focused on issues and phenomenons in human society.
For example, how inequalities are happening within different social classes or finding what is the difference between upper, middle and lower classes.
University: School of Visual Art (SVA)

Air pollution high 21cm x width 30cm

iPad procreate

Social inequality high 21cm x width 30cm

iPad procreate

Social classes high 30cm x width 21cm

iPad procreate

Billy Peng

Anxiety has always been a root of pain for me, therefore I try to trace back the root of anxiety and focused on the relationship between me and anxiety. Starting with social anxiety, I explored the theme of isolation in “Anti Social Social Club” and envy in “Social Media”. At the end of the investigation, I drew “The Cycle”, acting as a summary and showing a cycle that I am trapped in. I originally planned to draw all pieces by hand; however, this epidemic has made many material unavailable to me. Although these inconveniences, I managed to complete the drawings digitally and learn a lot from digital painting.

Anti Social Social Club

Digital Art

58.84cm × 37.67cm

Social Media

Digital Art

70.61cm × 28.15cm

The Cycle

Digital Art

53.78cm × 48.12cm

Angel REN

So my sustained investigation question is, in what ways could I show the different aspects of the duality of human? Therefore, throughout my investigation, I tried to discuss the duality of people through the lens people’s general attitudes toward ants and butterflies. Lots of people always step on ants without any mercies, but we would always praise how beautiful the butterflies are and cherish them. So in my sustained investigation, you could see how love toward butterflies made them being a surplus that are being used as fuels by humans, you could see how despise over ants made them being stomp on and extinct, then humans tried so hard to bring them back to lives by digging them out of their graves and then cutting their body parts for doing experiments. I was always troubled by this duality, but I found the answer to this contradiction in my SI8: Humans only love themselves, but not anything they do—so their love and tolerance toward themselves made them to have such duality, such polarized behaviours.


School: University of California San Diego


Title: The Once Cherished Butterfly..

Materials: Color Pencils

Dimensions: Height 12.5cm x  Width: 21.1cm


Title: Rest Awake in Duality

Materials: Color Pencils, Watercolors, Acrylics

Dimensions: Height 24.1cm x  Width: 39.3cm


Title: Answer to Duality…

Materials: Digital Media

Dimensions: Height 21.0cm x  Width: 29.7cm

Alice TAN

Parsons School of Design

In the whole process of production, I focused on the theme of “pressure”. “pressure”, as a “thing” that everyone can bear more or less in this society, would resonate with many people if I could express the experience of depression brought by “pressure” in the form of painting. The most difficult part of the painting process is to develop my ideas around a theme, and at the same time, I have learned how to use principle of design in each painting.

SI4: “two-sided”

Materials: water color, pen

Dimensions: 26*19cm

SI5: “lost”

Materials: color pencil

Dimensions: 18*34cm

SI9: “metamorphosis”

Materials: digital art

Dimensions: 21*29.7


Creating arts to me was always a process to observe the environment that all living things lived and be able to answer it through making arts. I think “The Dao that can be trodden is not the enduring and unchanging Dao. The name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name”. So all I want it to say was in my art work.


Atten college: Sarah Lawrence College


25×35 cm

35×50 cm

Alfred XU

During my exploring process, I tried to use different techniques and ideas to show the concept of belief. I always use religious-related elements as the major idea of my artworks. Byzantine Art, nature, humanity, irony are being used in these paints. Which express my thought about the balance between nature, god, and human beings.

Musashino Art University

Evolution of belief, digital, 20cm*20cm

Messiah, colored pencil, 15*10cm

Sphinx and cat, water color, A4

Sherry YANG

Abstract art conveys one’s feeling to the audience. Based on that, I used different combinations of materials to explore “extreme equality”, which idealists dreams about a perfect world that everyone have equal chances. The normal days chaos might let them want to escape in their mental world and save themselves to a perfect world. I want to emphasize the perfect world they imagined is also like a jail that limited people and have something wrong under the system.


Fake Balance: Size(50×65 cm) Materials(Acrylic Paper/Chalk Pastel/Pen/4H Pencil)

Invisible: Size(50×65 cm) Materials(Canvas Board/Acrylic Paint/Making Tape)

Jailed Nature: Size(50×60 cm) Materials(Canvas Board/Masking Fluid/Acrylic/Masking tapes)

Margaret ZHANG

This AP Art portfolio tells the story of BOB and OBO. I use classic games as the main subject of my work because of its characteristics. Games contain systematic structures and distinct objectives that best reflect aspects of BOB and OBO. Throughout the making of this series, I reflected on the how to resolve conflict between BOB and OBO.

Colored Pencil, vellum

W:22 H:30

Colored Pencil, bristol paper

W:38 H:27

Marker, bristol paper

W:16 H:25

ZHU Glen

My sustain investigation is Pain. Everyone has been experiencing pain in a different way, the feelings are hard to express. My concentration is to show all sorts of pain visually. All three artwork represent different feeling of pain, the pain of loneliness, hopeless, self deceive, and isolation. All artworks are drawn digitally using photoshop.


Digital art (Photoshop)

Dimensions (H×W): 57.49cm × 43.7cm


Digital art (Photoshop)

Dimensions (H×W): 29cm × 36cm

Dark side

Digital art (Photoshop)

Dimensions (H×W): 60.2cm × 49cm