Nansha College Preparatory Academy Location

We are fortunate to share a beautiful campus with Yingdong Middle School in Nansha, Guangzhou, China. Our school is just a 3-minute walk from the Nansha Passenger Port (Line 4- Guangzhou Metro) and just a 8-minute walk from the Nansha Ferry Terminal if you arriving by water. 

Where to Stay

The Sheraton is located in the downtown area, walking distance from many restaurants, a Wanda shopping mall, and the metro. Jinzhou, the metro station nearest the Sheraton, is about 20-minutes from the Nansha Passenger Port (where NCPA is located). 

The LN Garden Hotel is located in the park behind the school where you can walk along the water or hike up to the top of the Nansha Temple of the Queen of Heaven. This hotel is a 25-minute walk or short bike ride or Didi from the school. It has an excellent buffet breakfast. 

The Nansha Grand Hotel is located directly next to the Nansha Ferry Terminal and is just an 8-minute walk from NCPA’s campus. There are several restaurant options a 5-minute Didi from the hotel along the pier at the Nansha Yacht Club.